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Hey Apple. Let's talk about creators.

I use Apple products, pretty much exclusively. The ecosystem Apple offers is a simple and easy system, where every device talks to each other. Hell, this post is being written in a corner of a Costa Coffee, on an iPad Pro with that stupidly expensive keyboard, I expect this very post to be on my laptop for me when I get home. But that reality is now fading. 

I, just like much of the industry, watched the Apple Keynote in October. The first real Mac keynote in years. It was looking promising. Many of my colleagues at my (at then) placement were excited. This was thought to be Apple's direct response to the buzz Microsoft was getting for their shot at an all in one PC solution that looked like it was designed for us. The creatives.  

What we got was a laptop with a fingerprint scanner. What seemed promising turned out to be a middle-finger to the creative industries. Taking a state of the art laptop, the MacBook Pro, and totally destroying it's reputation as a creative workhorse and turning that into a laptop which was thinner, but needed dongles to transfer files. Apple's obsession with USB-C has gone too far. Why should we drop £3000 every 5 years on a laptop but then have to drop a further £25 on a dongle to connect a camera, another £25 for a SD card reader and another £25 to plug the thing into a projector? 

I like using a keyboard in conjunction with a touchscreen. I like to pinch and zoom, then type with a physical keyboard. It's a nice dynamic. But why do I have to learn how to use a different touch screen where my function keys were. It's not going to make me want to use it any more. Why couldn't you put a touchscreen on the screen, the monitor? Was it Steve's legacy that was stopping you? It didn't stop you making a stylus. A £70 stylus. Which I had to buy. 

Here's a full list of everything that would've made creators happy: 

  • 4K monitor
  • USB Ports, even just one
  • A better MagSafe solution. MagSafe was dope
  • HDMI made my life so much easier
  • More RAM, it could've made my workstation obsolete  
  • A better GPU, I get the one you bundle is slightly better... Only slightly

The maxed out config of the new MacBook Pro is on par with my current daily driver MacBook Pro, from June of 2015. 

I must applaud Apple though, they lost their stronghold on the creative market in one 2hr keynote. But to Microsoft, I can't wait upgrade to the Surface line in about 4 years.

Hamish Thompson