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Let's Talk About Hillary. (Disability)

As far as Twitter is concerned, you’d think I’m against Hillary. Well, in the primaries, I was. I thought that a universal healthcare system and free college tuition was something the biggest country in the world could benefit from. I supported Bernie Sanders. I was encouraging my stateside friends to vote for him because these are policies that improve the living standards of citizens in countries that have them implemented. I said some stuff about Hillary’s emails and her connections to Wall Street, which don’t get me wrong, are still legitimate today. But in the grand scheme of things, they are pretty minor. 

See, I can’t hide the fact that I’m disabled, it’s who I am, and whether people like it or not, it’s a label I carry. While people tell me that it’s not something I should dwell on, I still have to focus on it. There is no politician in America who has championed people with disabilities more than Hillary Clinton. The work she did for the Children Defence Act saw a huge rise in children with disabilities entering mainstream education. Her proposals this election puts people with disabilities in the spotlight in job creation. 

I admire Hillary and her efforts in making the US a more inclusive nation for people with disabilities, inspiring them to contribute to society instead of feeling like a burden.

Republicans accuse Hillary of using disabled people to get votes. But I see it as someone who genuinely cares about the disabled, who sees their potential to improve society. I’d pick her over someone who mocks someone’s disability any day.

If you’re eligible to vote tomorrow and are disabled, your vote counts. You’re one of 53 million disabled people who needs to make their voices heard. Not just for you, but others accross the nation who are in a similar position to you. If you know someone with a disability, you should include them in your decision at the booth.

I’m with her, and if you want to get into work, to have an impact on society or the world, you should be too.

Hamish Thompson