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30/04 - playlist

A playlist of new tracks I've been bumping this week

Big, grand, funky. mr jukes is the mastermind behind Bombay Bicycle Club, Jack Steadman. In something completely different, he’s going down the route of jazz and funk, music is focused on horns with similar sounding harmonies (Sounds like the harmonies on So Long, See You Tomorrow). It’s a great first single from a very interesting project.

Who doesn’t like Haim? Haim are great. Haim are three sisters who form a great indie-pop outfit. This song is exactly what you want, a move away from the sound of their last album, but not too distant. Experimental for them, who thought they’d slow it down like this?

Not much has come out about this band… They’ve been cropping up on a lot of festival lineups… Well, we can finally say, that it’s Ben Howard’s latest project, fronted by Mickey Smith, Ben’s guitarist. It’s an ominous and haunting track, but it sure is interesting.

Been watching these guys for a while now. Sylvan Esso are an experimental indie-pop duo hailing from North Carolina. Their other stuff is a lot more experimental. But I found this single to be beautifully simple. It’s almost folk-like in it’s structure and lyrics. Their album What Now is definitely worth a listen.

Poppy is the weirdest pop musician I think I’ve come across. I know her from her short and bizarre YouTube videos, her almost hypnotic voice talking about simple and weird things. But my goodness, she breathes life into her Pop music. This single is the best pop song I’ve heard in a long time. Almost a satirical song on Pop as a genre too. Poppy’s weird. I like her.

This week saw the release of Gorillaz’s fourth studio album, Humanz. It took a while for it to grow on me. But it’s a fantastic Gorillaz album. They are, to me, a band that write music about life’s horrors. Demon Days is a perfect example of that. This isn’t quite on that level. But it’s close. Humanz is a celebration of Trump being elected and the subsequent destruction of our planet. We’re all doomed, but let’s go out in style…

DAMN. is still my favourite album this year. DNA is the best album opener I’ve heard in a while. It bumps HARD. Kendrick is the best lyricist on the planet right now. His flow, word play, self awareness and subject matter is second to none. King Kendrick is here to stay. 

Other than Kung Fu Kenny, one of the other rappers I’m interested in is Vince Staples. Like K-dot, he has a great flow and word play. He has an interesting sense of humour and a keen ear for instrumentals. BagBak is Vince at his best

This trap influenced beat bumps hard, Killer Mike flows and fits in perfectly. Big Boi is either hit or miss, this is a hit.

Hamish Thompson