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The Silent Majority (Unapologetically Biased)

The first time I took Trump seriously was the Muslim ban. A policy which was launched as soon as Ted Cruz started look like he was taking the nomination from the Donald. 

The rise of right-wing nationalism can be attributed to attacks from terrorist organisations and threats to national security from countries like Syria and North Korea. It's a movement rising across the globe. Hell - a good case study would be Brexit. Where 51% of the United Kingdom felt that their sovereignty is somehow being taken away from them. Analysts blame the result on several factors. One of the least touched on is the 'Silent Majority'. 

Up until the result. Polls had predicted a close margin. But it was more often than not on the side of remain. Yet, all of the polls were proved wrong at 3AM on 24th June when the result came in and the Pound hit it's lowest value in over 30 years. 

When we look at Trump, it's seems that his silent majority isn't actually all that silent. To the point where one of Trump's campaign signs read "The silent majority support Trump". But if they aren't silent, then they're not a silent majority, right? 

Here's the thing with Donald Trump. He hates the media. He hasn't been on a late-night talk show since the primaries, he only talks to Fox News (and even then, the relationship is on rocky territory) and he even goes after SNL when they do a tongue and cheek sketch on him. It's Donald Trump's disdain for the media that suggests that many of his supporters wont go to the pollsters at all. Polls are, more often than not, done by media organisations. CNN will team up with ABC and NBC with Fox etc etc. 

Donald's supporters aren't these brain-dead monkeys that we like to think they are. But rather, Republicans - disillusioned ones at that. In fact, the shy supporters are the ones who backed Jeb, Ted and Ben in the primaries, so hooked on values that they have no choice but to support Mr. Fake Tan (low blow, I know). But something these supporters all have in common is a lack of trust for the Mass Media. A Gallup poll in September found that a mere 14% admit they don't trust the media. 

(c) Gallup 2016

(c) Gallup 2016

Where am I going with this? Well with a potential 86% of Republicans not trusting the media, not going to polls. Who knows how big this silent majority might be. Here's hoping that Hilary has a silent majority of her own.

P.s. #ImWithHer

Hamish Thompson